How does senseia do things differently?

senseia brings awareness to the stories and dynamics at play in your organisation – especially those that don’t serve your objectives. Then, together, we lean into and explore a better way forward.

What do we stand for?

Equality of access and opportunity must go beyond the the wrappers of protected characteristics and appropriate behaviours – it’s a value that must be felt at an emotional level, understood for its fairness and its contribution to the efficacy and potency of the organisation. sensei takes the value a step further – when diagnosing workplace dysfunction, we treat all phenomena, information, stories – false and true – as potential sources of underlying value or damage. We stand for validity, accuracy and possibility – so removing blame and shame from the process. Equity and equality are values that sit at the heart of what we do.

What do we stand against?

The world of equality and diversity, when filtered through a traditional lens, can be fraught with danger, fear, misunderstandings, cultural insensitivities, resentment, resignations, dismissals, tribunals and complaints. We won’t and don’t play these games with people’s lives, identities and limitations. At senseia, we deconstruct the emotional phenomena that get in the way of team cohesion. We dial down the fear and raise awareness about and curiosity in our shared humanity.

What it’s like to work with us

You will feel curious, excited, delighted and deeply impacted by the work we do and what it can bring you. When you work with senseia, you’ll feel safe. That’s our first and most fundamental priority. If we can’t meet your needs, we’ll tell you. If we can, we’ll show you how – and why our methods work. When we deliver interventions, you will see immediate impact. Your people will at last feel psychologically and emotionally safe enough to do their best work and enjoy it. This is what makes us tick – delivering impact.

Our Values

Psychological safety

Psychological safety is at the heart of all we do; from accepting a brief from you, to delivering programmes for your people – we all stay safe, always.


Our vulnerability guides us, providing ‘felt sense’ information about the work. This makes us agile, responsive and honest – it’s our secret sauce.

Authentic relationships

Authentic relationships are the oil that keeps the engine of change running smoothly – we get nowhere without them.

Mindful presence

We approach all our work with a mindful presence which ensures our solutions are neither derivative nor imitative and are always targeted to the needs of your challenges and your culture.


Change design requires intelligence as well as insight, and experience. We don’t underplay our intelligence. It’s foundational, to any proposal we create.

This is what our clients have to say

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Ground-Breaking Stuff

Knowledge is power and awareness is power and this training has joined together the dots of the human and the organisation for the first time. This knowledge can now be expanded through the collective organisation so that change can organically take place. It was a truly unique approach and ground breaking stuff for this organisation which has long been needed.
G.W. Chief Inspector
Devon and Cornwall Police

Serious Impact

“I have nothing but the highest praise for how this was delivered and the work undertaken by senseia. The course was really helpful – the workshops were absolutely outstanding. The best training I have received since joining the organisation in 2006. I found it particularly useful to understand how and why we all change from one mindset to another, throughout the day and what the implication of this are. Really insightful.”
Devon and Cornwall Police

Significant Learning

“I thought it was a really useful three days and I am carefully ensuring that I continue to reflect and utilise the tools. I have nothing but the highest praise for how this was delivered and the work undertaken by senseia. The pitch and progressive journey that delegates were taken on and the stimulating discussions that took place, enabled a significant learning for those present. ”
J.Hooton, Regional Manager

The Matrix

“Powerful and enlightening three days which has energised me to take responsibility, step into the wilderness and to be a part of creating a new culture. I feel as if I’ve been stuck in the Matrix and can now see the world for what is really is. It is now our job to take it from here, sow the seeds and nurture the green shoots of our new beginnings. I now really appreciate the direction we, as an organisation, is taking.”
Tracey Crampton, Inspector
Devon and Cornwall Police

The tough get going..

“It was a tough couple of days for sure but I really enjoyed the content and how it was delivered. It was testimony to your resilience and professionalism to deliver a really tough message to a tough audience who by their nature, are difficult to keep on board. I think the fact they stayed to ask more questions, at the end of day two, when we could have been out the door like a bolt, just shows how meaningful the message and the training arel to us.”
Raj Patel, Head of EDI
Devon and Cornwall Police

From feeling to thinking

“I thought it worked really well. The style and pace of delivery was pitched at exactly the right level for the workshop.There was a real and palpable journey into the affective domain and plenty of time to return us all safely to the cognitive domain. We need senseia to stay with us and shepherd as many leaders through the process as possible.”
Jim Colwell, Deputy Chief Constable
Devon and Cornwall Police

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