A workforce of diverse people creates its own motivation. Who’s in charge at your place?


Everyone has a history, a story, a reason for being who they are – so everyone can bring something different to the party – if you let them.


No single group of people – white men for example – can know everything. No single group of people can be right, all the time.





“A meaningful life can be extremely satisfying even in the midst of hardship, whereas a meaningless life is a terrible ordeal no matter how comfortable it is.”

Yuval Noah Harari, Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind

Much has been said about the millennial workforce, relating to engagement and purpose, diversity and authenticity – their desire to remain connected to humanity. We believe the concerns of the millennial workforce are the concerns of everyone. Now we can all  admit to a need to be recognised and to feel safe in the workplace.





Feelings are the fuel of motivation.

Managing Change means dealing with reality: seen and unseen.

senseia is transforming the way leaders facilitate organisational change. We care about people before process. We put emotional authenticity at the heart of all we do. This allows change leaders to:

  • Find out how resilient your team really is.
  • Discover if your teams are really on the same page
  • Reveal hidden dynamics that destroy value
  • Get in front of the change impact

Traditionally, in business, emotions have been regarded as ‘fluffy’ at best. Ignored, denied and discounted, emotions (negative as well as positive) can become the hard core narrative of truth that can be hard to shift. These narratives are the real truths at the heart of your organisation.

Hoping and wishing for a better change outcome is no longer necessary.

Beneath all the rhetoric, routine, gossip and fatigue (the norms and gnarls of all organisational life), emotions can thrive and fester, fuelled by stories and histories that shape opinion. If left unchecked, these opinions will shape your organisational narrative for years to come.

Now, for the first time in the field of change leadership, with senseia’s Emotional Impact Analysis, (EIA™), you can predict change impact on your workforce, to reveal what lies beneath the ‘business-as-usual’ comfort zone.

We help change leaders by providing certainty. With certainty secured, you can build a ‘change ready’ organisation. Isn’t it time you owned your own map of the emotional terrain of your workforce?


We can find out how resilient your team really is. The questions we ask reveal how strong the psychological contract is, between you the employer and the people who work for you.

Team Cohesion

We can discover how diverse your teams really are and how narrow their views might be. Operating out of awareness, many employees react to imagined realities rather than responding to genuine concerns. Prejudice and discrimination can be and usually is covert. 

Social Power

Management is structural power but influence is social power. People with social power tell stories – stories that re-interpret the official versions of events.  We can find out who holds the most influence across your organisation.

senseia looks at change through 3 windows of opportunity. We help organisations to:-

find and remove roadblocks, discover opportunities and to create sustainable solutions.


  • Invisible revolt and resistance
  • Negative influencers
  • Rumours, gossip and storytelling
  • Energy/time wasters


  • Harness energy from social power
  • Identify and nullify vulnerabilities
  • Create narrative inquiry networks
  • Discover hidden power, talent and motivations

Solutions for Change Leaders

  • Remove barriers and blocks to change
  • Accelerate and de-risk the process of change
  • Create pathways of support to land change
  • Develop a change ready workforce

Psychological Safety

Safety in the boardroom or on the factory floor – it will and does predict how well your team will deal with change.

From Google to HBR, the evidence pointing to a strong relationship between psychological safety and organisational performance is clear.  Research at LSE quantifies this:- a single unit increase in psychological safety leads to a 10% improvement in performance – however performance is measured.

( https://hbr.org/2017/08/high-performing-teams-need-psychological-safety-heres-how-to-create-it)

senseia enhances the awareness of the leadership team, so they can better identify the strengths & vulnerabilities that will determine their future success. We support organisations in future proofing their position.   We take an evidence based approach – leveraging insights from neuroscience, organisational psychology and behavioural economics – to help organisations make fully informed choices.

The Price we Pay for Ignoring Emotional Impact

Prevention is better than cure. Wouldn’t it be better if we could help employees manage stress by ensuring we account for impact before we change, rather than cope with the fallout afterwards?

senseia helps organisations to feel their way into a future they cannot yet see. By using our change cycle as a guide rope, we’re able to help leaders facilitate the change process, ensuring people and their concerns remain a key source of information, from concept through to delivery.

The change cycle is our way of creating order from chaos.




We use behavioural science insight, and predictive models of human behaviour, to mitigate risks and predict outcomes.
We use an Emotional Impact Analysis to synthesise resilience, influence and agility data. The predictive power of the data can be used to assess your organisation’s readiness for change.
The map of the emotional terrain of your organisation, captures the true voice of your leadership and employees. This emotional reality helps the design of processes that will connect outputs with outcomes.

04:DELIVER:We offer alternative models of engagement – training, blended teams and integrated delivery – but at the heart of our work is a facilitative approach to upskill our client’s team to deliver long term, sustainable change capability.
We leave our clients with the ability and resilience to explore the full potential of change and its inherent opportunities, due to a renewed and authentic desire to deliver value.

Our Clients

Who we are...

Our work is born out of frustration: experiences of change that destroy value rather than create it, inadequate tools that limit the impact of transformation initiatives. The ongoing struggle to bridge the gap between the socially and structurally powerful. 

We strive to replace employee fear with curiosity, and help Leaders use this creative energy to bridge the chasm between change complexity & capability

We support our clients  with guidance and support across the emotional terrain; our facilitative approach, whilst palpable and insightful, leaves no footprints.

Jason Langley: Co-Founder, Consultant

After 15 years working within the media & communications sector, across the UK, US and Australia, in 2012 Jason started research at the LSE, to explore the role of power in driving organisational effectiveness.

His research has quickly challenged the established view of power in organisational life and has significant implications on how to effect change within an organisation.

Joanna Traynor: Co-Founder, Consultant

Joanna is a coach and psychotherapist. She focuses on the emotional and psychological journey that underpins change. Joanna is also a published author and seasoned media producer and uses her talent to construct stories to help others tell their own stories to support growth and change


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