How do we deliver impact?

By widening your emotional field of vision


We lift the lid off your brain, so you can look inside it, without blame or shame. We share psychological tools that are grounded in neuroscientific evidence to deliver maximum impact. Our workshop experience is life changing especially for the cynical, the hopeless and the ‘know-it-alls’. We deliver change. End of.

Sandbox Methodologies

To fully realise the potential of this learning, delegates who attend our programmes are encouraged to explore other ways of seeing the world. Our sandbox methodologies provide both practice and protection, for safe and bold experimentation, driving the power of curiosity to its limits.


We deliver our programmes to help you understand your culture and the emotional terrain of your workplace, focusing on both conscious and unconscious attitudes and behaviours. It’s not training – rather it’s a deep learning experience designed to transform your perspective on ‘what’s possible’ – widening your field of vision on your organisation’s potential.

The change design experience

Energised with curiosity and motivated to change, managers and influencers become fully immersed in the change design experience.  Change is built by those who’ll endure the impact of it – using their emotional landscape as the starting point. This ensures that all strategies developed are owned and accepted, and the subsequent benefits are ‘felt’ – so the change embedded is sustainable.

Take steps towards a powerful change

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