‘Who’ is the problem?
‘Who’ has the solution?

It’s not about assigning blame, but rather identifying where culture change is needed most.

Knowing the ‘who’ puts you on the path to real change

Who creates the stories that get shared up and down the ranks of your organisation? Whose stories will help you or hurt you? We identify the structural and social power dynamics within your organisation as the foundation for alignment and a shared understanding of influence.

Who really shapes your culture?

Knowing who is influential in your business is integral to delivering sustainable cultural change. Those at the top of the org. chart may know their onions but not have the kind of influence that sits with those socially powerful individuals who can kill a brilliant idea stone dead, with the roll of an eye. Knowing where this social power lies will enable you to see who is/isn’t in alignment with your ambitions. We provide the insight you need to understand who you need to get on board to broadcast narratives that will shape cultural change.

Gain insight into the narratives in your business 

Your organisation is awash with intricate, rich narratives that may support or be in conflict with your ambitions. What gets talked about in the smoking corner, at the water cooler, or down pub after work on a Friday night, can carry far more weight than the storeis you might prefer to listen to, in the board room. senseia helps you gain insight into these stories and narratives, providing the intelligence necessary to make change that people want, own and make happen.

How it works

Our team examines the relationships within your business in close detail. Following on from the ‘what’, we identify key players, influencers and leaders within your business who directly impact how culture is defined.  Our non-judgemental, psycho-educational approach focuses on gathering and interpreting data, providing the step-back view necessary to define social groups, opinions and attitudes.

Take steps towards a powerful change

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