‘What’ is the problem?

Or problems? One systemic issue could generate a whole host of issues that get in the way of doing a good job. Finding the ‘what’ then, is crucial.

Our Culture Audit

The ‘what needs to change?’ question is easy to ask but not so easy to answer since everyone draws on their own subjective experiences. Organisations are complex, always in flux and within them, not everyone or everything of significance can be readily ‘seen’. As external consultants, we view your organisation without preconceived ideas, opinions or expectations.

How it works

1. We conduct desk research for benchmark data.
2. We talk to your colleagues across the organisation, capturing key semantics and themes.
3. We identify the psychological and emotional dynamics that generate the roadblocks.
4. We identify systemic issues, their cause and their risk to the business.
5. We present our findings with recommendations for roadblock removal.

An external perspective

Our unfiltered view of your culture cannot be perceived from within. Our culture auditing process removes problems of bias and blinkered vision. And as a bonus, it also helps everyone ‘feel’ seen, understood and acknowledged, for their truth and lived experience. This in itself creates healing and brings relief, but also and importantly, we are then able to create a roadmap to change, with the roadblocks to success, all clearly visible.

Take steps towards a powerful change

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